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Mane 1 Salon & Spa

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Why does the service Menu at Mane I show a range of price levels for the same service?


A:  Mane I invests in the future of our industry and the future of young professionals.  The salon has an in-house comprehensive training program that allows young licensees to gain a "masters degree" in trends, techniques, and excellence in guest care under the most qualified and experienced artists before they are allowed to serve salon guests.  Upon graduation from this associate training program, these young professionals often possess the confidence and skill sets found in much more experienced stylists.  As a licensee's skills develope and their education advances, so does the demand for their time and talent.  As this demand for their time increases, so does their ability for career advancement professionally and financially. This allows our company to provide quality services to a broader range of lifestyles and family budgets.


Q:  What kind of chance am I taking by being served by a professional at Mane at a lower price level?


A;  Make no mistake, these licensed professionals perform at a level rarely found elsewhere in our market.  They are keenly aware of our company's guest service standards and highly trained to provide the quality of service Mane I guests have come to expect.  Our entire team guarantees your satisfaction with the results of any service they provide.  Simply stated, our entire team have received more advanced training and education than anyone within miles.  Yes, this is a bold statment, how could we know?  Easy.  Our salon team is represented at every educational opportunity within driving distance and many that require air travel.  We almost never see any licensees from our area there.


Q;  During these challenging economic times, is there any way to save money and still look and feel good?


A:  Absolutely!  The Mane I team is always available to provide service options to help its valued guests adhere to a "beauty budget."  In fact, our current referral programs offer our guests the opportunity to realize HUGE savings and even free services to maintain their style and look.  Come in anytime and ask us how!

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